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Experience Træna - Island Kingdom on the Arctic Circle

Træna, fairy-tale kingdom of islands, skerries and mountains: perhaps the most distinctive of all the island communities off det Norwegian coast.  Far out at sea, you might think; but modern communications make Træna accessible to all.

Here in Træna's island world there are more than 1000 islands, islets and skerries, but only four of these are inhabited.  Træna municipality has a population of about 500.  The administrative centre is on Husøy, which is also the home of most of the population.  Further north we find Sanna, Sandøy, Holmen and Dørvær, with Selvær as the nothernmost island group.  The Arctic Circle passes through the whole archipelago.







The midnight sun is visible for six weeks from the end of May.  The mountains of the island of Sanna, with their caves, grottoes, and mementoes of a remote past, create an atmosphere of enchantment.  In olden days, this coastal landmark was the setting for many a tale of strange beings and supernatural forces.










Træna has a rich past.  On Sanna there is a unique collection of ancient monuments and remains, where the imposing Kirkhelleren is the best known.  The sites where houses once stood, as well as the grottoes and caves, reveal that Træna was inhabited from the early Stone Age.  The house sites on Sanna are the ramains of some of the oldest houses recorded in Norway.  Wandering among the old and new dwellings of Sanna, the past and the present, you are transported nearly 9000 years back in time.


Fishing is - and has always been - Træna's main industry.  The people here have always lived on what the sea bestowed on them.  Of cource, here too, fishing has developed over the course of time.  As well as ordinary coastal fishing, there are also several fish-processing facilities and salmon farms in the area.


Petter Dass-kapelletIn the summer of 1997, a chapel was built in memory of the Norwegian priest and poet Petter Dass, who lived from 1647 to 1707.  The municipality of Træna, Karl Erik Harr and Arild Håland worked together to realize this project.  Inside the chapel, Harr has painted beautiful murals.  This is an art gallery and meditation chapel where you can sit down, enjoy the spectacular scenery, and imagine the poet's thoughts and feelings as he wrote about the magnificent nature of Nordland.



Helgeland Trafikkselskap and OVDS provides public transport to Træna, with ferries and modern express boats sailing daily from Sandnessjøen, Nesna, Stokkvågen and Bodø.  From Sandnessjøen, Nesna and Bodø there are good communications by bus, train and air to the rest of the country.


Welcome to Træna - the oldest fishing village in Norway !

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